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I hope you enjoyed this short surfing course. If you liked this I’ve got a lot more really good stuff for you that will help you improve your surfing skills even more and help you on your way to becoming a professional surfer.

Here is a short list of things that I have prepared for you in my ebook:

  • Why the hottest surfers set goals: why you should set goals, how to stay on track, how to avoid mental obstacles
  • What drives the pro surfer. What is the reason for the success of the pro surfer?
  • Starting steps to achieve your dream
  • Get a mental picture and watch yourself fly: Visualization techniques
  • The fix to feeling anxious. How to hammer out the negative thoughts and get rid of the pressure situation
  • How to get consistent performance time after time: 3 Keys: Gear, Mental, Physical
  • Strategies for top performance
  • Surfing Drugs: medicinal, performance enhancing and recreational drugs
  • Fuel to put in the tank
  • What is with the attitude: Genes, Skills, Attitude
  • How to get focused on surfing and reading the waves
  • How to survive a wipeout? How to lessen the effects of a wipe out?
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Pro surfers DO IT
  • The pro surfers’ wonder kit
  • How to prepare for the real thing (Simulation and Action)
  • Why the pros succeed regardless of whether they are tall, short, fast, slow, fat or thin?
  • The greatest surf secret of them all!
  • Basic ideas for surfing: Stance, inside and outside rail, fundamentals, how to get more speed
  • The secrets to speed and power
  • The Bottom Turn
  • Carving and pumping for speed
  • Radical re-entries that look EXPLOSIVE
  • The Killer CutBack
  • Radical Rotation tricks
  • Powerhouse layback snap
  • The Tube Riding Strategy
  • Knowing your own and your board limits
  • Handling Success
  • How to pick a mentor for success and where to find a mentor
  • The most important surfing questions answered
  • Creating the moves of the future
  • Bad habits busted
  • Stamping your signature on the waves
  • Pro surfers have a destiny. What it takes to be a great surfer

Sound great? I bet it does.

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