Too fat for surfing?

You are 20 pounds overweight and now you think your sporting carrier is over, even if it has never begun? Here is the main AHA of the day – the weight does not matter! Your problem is all in your head and the belly fat is just an excuse for sitting on your ass all day long and doing nothing about your life!

If you think you are too fat for surfing, check out Jimbo Pellegrine. He is one of the best surfers out there and he believes in “Big is Beautiful”. If he can do it – SO CAN YOU!

Here is what I want you to do next

I hope you enjoyed this short surfing course. If you liked this I’ve got a lot more really good stuff for you that will help you improve your surfing skills even more and help you on your way to becoming a professional surfer.

Here is a short list of things that I have prepared for you in my ebook:

  • Why the hottest surfers set goals: why you should set goals, how to stay on track, how to avoid mental obstacles
  • What drives the pro surfer. What is the reason for the success of the pro surfer?
  • Starting steps to achieve your dream
  • Get a mental picture and watch yourself fly: Visualization techniques
  • The fix to feeling anxious. How to hammer out the negative thoughts and get rid of the pressure situation
  • How to get consistent performance time after time: 3 Keys: Gear, Mental, Physical
  • Strategies for top performance
  • Surfing Drugs: medicinal, performance enhancing and recreational drugs
  • Fuel to put in the tank
  • What is with the attitude: Genes, Skills, Attitude
  • How to get focused on surfing and reading the waves
  • How to survive a wipeout? How to lessen the effects of a wipe out?
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Pro surfers DO IT
  • The pro surfers’ wonder kit
  • How to prepare for the real thing (Simulation and Action)
  • Why the pros succeed regardless of whether they are tall, short, fast, slow, fat or thin?
  • The greatest surf secret of them all!
  • Basic ideas for surfing: Stance, inside and outside rail, fundamentals, how to get more speed
  • The secrets to speed and power
  • The Bottom Turn
  • Carving and pumping for speed
  • Radical re-entries that look EXPLOSIVE
  • The Killer CutBack
  • Radical Rotation tricks
  • Powerhouse layback snap
  • The Tube Riding Strategy
  • Knowing your own and your board limits
  • Handling Success
  • How to pick a mentor for success and where to find a mentor
  • The most important surfing questions answered
  • Creating the moves of the future
  • Bad habits busted
  • Stamping your signature on the waves
  • Pro surfers have a destiny. What it takes to be a great surfer

Sound great? I bet it does.

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Your choice

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